Crystals come in different colours, shapes and sizes, and can be billions of years old.

Not only are they beautiful, but many people believe that natural crystals have abilities based on the energy and vibrations they emit. New age enthusiasts use them for their healing properties and to attract positive elements like prosperity and love into their lives.

Across the world, people are fascinated by these ancient treasures and are crazy for crystals.

Because we know so many of you share this passion for earth stones, we started our own Crazy 4 Crystals workshops. Imagine spending a few fun hours learning about crystals; enjoying them and discovering how beneficial crystals can be. Learn that jade carries calming energy; discover how amethysts are for healing.

Our events teach you the types and properties of the crystals we are using at that evening.

We then guide you step by step to create your own masterpiece, whether a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

The best part? We bring the crystals and you choose your own stone to work with. So, make something original and beautiful. Everyone will be wondering where you bought it!

Why would you want to join us?

You will have fun. You will learn. You will be with friends and family. And if you come alone, you will make new friends. Best of all, you will create your own beautiful piece.

Our workshops are held at bars, restaurants or private venues. We also have private parties, corporate events and fundraisers.


Let’s get the party started and join us at an event near you!